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rotor bearing

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    rotor bearings

Product introduction
Rotor cup textile bearings (Rotor bearings, Opening Roller bearings, Press pully bearings, Guide Pulley bearings, Return Roller bearings and cots bearings) and their corresponding completes. 
- Type D resilient mountings, inserts, navels, and separators 

- Bearings for the high-speed Terylene spring machines The maximum speed of our products has already exceeded 110,000 rpm(and that at the speed of 150,000 rpm is under research). Hongfei is equipped with advanced manufacturing and testing facilities. Furthermore, we have a strong technical force with high capability on research and development, and also we maintain a high level of management 

rotor bearings

No. Type Serial Number Series of Frame
0 BZ1 PLC 73-1-20(40000r) BD200FA601
1 BZ2 PLC 73-1-14(60000r) BD200FA601
2 BZ2 PLC 73-1-22(65000r) BD200FA601
3 BZ3 PLC 73-1-24(75000r) BD200
4 BZ4 PLC 73-1-31(80000r) D30BT902/905
5 BZ5 PLC 72-6(90000r) BDBTRFRS10
6 BZ5t PLC 72-6T(95000r) BDBTRFRS10
7 BZ6 PLC 73-1-50(80000r) BD902/905
8 BZ6t PLC 72-1-52(85000r) BD902/905
9 BZ7 TL2270/T(70000r) D30
10 BZ8 TL2280(80000r) D30
11 BZ9 TL2290/T(90000r) D30
12 BZ9T TL2110(100000r) D30
13 BZ10 PLC72_8_6(10000r) BT905/923
14 BZ15 (40000r) BD340BT904
15 BZ18 (25000r)
16 BZ20 PLC 73-1-35(60000r) HS5T/6T
17 BZ21 PLC 74-5-4(40000r) HS4T

Rotor Completes(selt-draining series)

No. Type Serial Number Series of Frame
0 BZ1*R1E PLC 73-20*RIE BD200FA601
1 BZ2*E4 PLC 73-1-14/22*E4 BD200FA601
2 BZ2*R3E PLC 73-1-14/22*R3E BD200RCE/S
3 BZ1*K66 PLC 73-1-20*K66(A1) BD200F1603
4 BZ2*K54 PLC 73-1-14/22*K54(A2) BD200FA601
5 BZ2*A22 PLC 73-1-22*A22 BT902
6 BZ3*K48 PLC 73-1-24*K48(A32) D1/2
7 BZ3*K43 PLC73-1-24*K43(A3) BD200
8 BZ4*K43N PLC 73-31*K43N(A3N) D1/2
9 BZ5*K36N PLC72-6*K36N D1/2
10 BZ5T*K36N PLC 72-6T*K36N D1/2
11 BZ6*A41 PLC 73-1-50*A41 BT902
12 BZ6T*A41N PLC 73-1-52*A41N DT902
13 BZ6T*K36N-10 PLC 73-1-52*K36N-10 BT902
14 BZ10*A6N PLC 72-8-6*A6N BT902
15 BZ20*Z48/66 PLC 73-1-35*Z48/66 HS5T/6T

Rotor Completes(self-sucking series)

No. Type Serial Number Series of Frame
0 BZ2*D66 PLC 73-1-14*D66 D30
1 BZ2*D54 PLC 73-1-22*D54 BT903/905
2 BZ7*D54 TL 2270*D54 D30
3 BZ8T*D43N TL 2285*D43N D30
4 BZ9T*D36N TL 2110*D36N D30
5 BZ9T*D43N TL 2110*D43N D30
6 BZ10*D36N PLC 72-8-6*C536N(D36N) BT923
7 BZ10*D33N PLC 72-8-6*C533N(D33N) BT923
8 BZ5*F50 PLC 72-8*F50 RFRE10/30
9 BZ5T*F42 PLC 72-6T*F42 RFRS10/30
10 BZ5T*F38 PLC 72-6T*F38 RFRS10/30

Rotor Completes(self-sucking series)2

No. Type Serial Number Series of Frame
0 G-A56 RU04/14
1 G-A48 RU04/14
2 U-B90 RU11
3 U-Y58N R1/20
4 T-146N SE7/8
5 T-140N SE7/8
6 T-136N SE7/8
7 T-133N SE7/8
8 G-233N SE9/10
9 U-356N SE9/10/11
10 U-346N SE9/10/11
11 T-34ON SE9/11
12 T-333N SE9/10/11
13 G-331N SE9/10/11