Concrete Mixer truck bearing

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    Speed reducer bearing

Product introduction

Concrete Mixer truck bearing

Mixer truck bearing is special bearing, bearing with super bearing load running force, bearing system concrete mixer truck reducer supporting special bearing, is in the mechanical transmission process up fixed and reduce load coefficient of friction components.

Common classification:
Concrete mixer truck reduction bearing
Engineering machinery hydraulic pump bearing
Cement plant grate cooler special part of the bearing.


Concrete Mixer Truck Bearing, (Mixer reducer assembly model: 575L, 577L, 580L) Germany ZF reducer, Italia PMP reducer, Italia bonfig lioli reducer, Japan Isuzu reducer, Volvo Concrete Mixer truck, Japan Daikin reducer, Mitsubishi Mixer truck, China Sany Mixer truck, Shaanqi Mixer Concrete truck. Etc. Private bearings (800730801806809280809281804182801216A801215A804312A534176579905A579905AA540626AABS2B 248180GB40779S0111449722361018CPM2513D11PLC59-5PLC58-6PLC59-10F-204754.RNU). Concrete mixer truck reducer Supporting bearings, Germany ZF reducer, Italia PMP reducer, Italia bonfig lioli reducer, Isuzu, Volvo.

Spherical roller bearing for reducer

800730/HC 100X160X61/66 nylon 4 ZF 7
801215A/HC 100X160X61/66 nylon 4 SAUER-DANFOSS51.2
BS2B 248180/HC 100X165X52/65 steel plate 5 PMP6.0
809280/HC 100X165X52/65 copper 5 PMP6.0
540626AA/HC 100X150X50/62 copper 3.5 Old ZF
801806/HC 110X180X74/82 nylon 8 ZF 9
579905AA/HC 110X180X74/82 nylon 8 ZF 9
579905A/HC 110X180X69/82 copper 8 Old ZF
534176/HC 110X180X69/82 copper 8 PMP 6.5 7.0 7.1
11449/HC 100X180X69/82 copper 8 TOP 6.0 6.5 6.8
804312A/HC 120X215X58X80 steel plate 10 SAUER-DANFOSS61.2 71.2
809281/HC 120X215X76/98 copper 14 PMP 7.2 140
PLC110/190/HC 110X190X72X82 9 TOP P80
PLC59-5 100X180X82/69 copper 8 TOP 6.0 6.5 6.8
40779/HC 22 BONFIGLIOLI 577 580
GMP2513/HC 22 BONFIGLIOLI 577 580
295493/HC PMP planetary gear